Welcome to the movie room. Here you'll find some of my fave movies!

The Crow

Shelly and Eric were very much in love. But no one gets married on Halloween, not in Detroit. Shelly is raped and beaten by city boss Top Dollar's thugs, only to die 30 hours later in a hospital. Eric is shot and pushed out a window. A year later death is no longer what it was as Eric Draven, accompanied by a Crow and gifted with new powers and a world of grief and pain, is brought back to life to avenge his love's death. After all, love is forever. And some of us Believe in Angels.

The Crow - City Of Angels

Against the macabre backdrop of the traditional Day of the Dead celebration, "The Crow: City of Angels" tells a new chapter in the gothic urban mythology of Love transcending Death. Creating an all-new incarnation of the brooding dark hero--the victim of urban violence returned to the living world to exact personal justice--Vincent Perez portrays Ashe, the young man who emerges from the night of his own horrific murder with the mysterious powers of the Crow. He returns to seek out and destroy the most savage criminals in a surrealistic city of preponderant evil. As he sets out on his fateful mission, Ashe becomes drawn to Sarah, some-one with whom he seems to share psychic and emotional bonds. Mia Kirshner plays Sarah, the young woman who as a young teenager first encountered The Crow and cannot escape this connection with her past. Legendary punk rocker Iggy Pop also stars as one of the cold-blooded killers responsible for Ashe's brutal death.

A Nightmare On Elm Street

 The story opens with shots of Freddy's hand fashioning his infamous glove. It then shows Tina walking through a boiler room, because mocked and chased around by Freddy. Freddy jumps out at her at one point, but she wakes up and discovers that it was only a dream. However, she has four distinct slash marks in her nightgown.
The nightmare scares her so much that she convinces her friends Nancy and Glen to spend the night at her house while her mom is out of town. Her boyfriend, Rod, later shows up and the two of them... uh, get intimate. Afterwards, Tina dreams that she is walking out side of her house and is attacked by Freddy. Rod watches as her sleeping body is slashed and thrown all over the room by her invisible tormentor, until her lifeless body lands on the floor. After a police investigation, Rod becomes the chief suspect and is arrested.
The attention of the movie shifts to Nancy as we see her battle Freddy in various dream sequences. She falls asleep in class, and sees Tina's body being dragged to the boiler room. When she follows it, she encounters Freddy. Another time, she goes to sleep with Glen watching over her, and Freddy chases her down alleys and through her house. Both times, she only narrowly escapes. Meanwhile, Freddy kills Rod in his dream, by hanging him with his bedsheet.
Nancy's mother takes her to a dream clinic where she learns that if she is holding something when she wakes up, that thing will come out of the dream with her. She decides that this is the way to beat Freddy. She tries to enlist the aid of Glen, but her mother locks her in the house, and Glen is pulled into his bed by Freddy, and released in a fountain of blood.
When Nancy finally pulls Freddy out of the dream, he chases her all over the house, but encounters her many booby traps. Finally, she covers him with gasoline and sets him on fire. When her father, the lieutenant of the police department, arrives, they notice that Freddy has snuck up to her mother's bedroom. Freddy's flaming body engulfs Nancy's mother's body, and they both disappear into the bed. Nancy's father leaves, and Freddy comes back out of the bed to attack Nancy. Nancy now realizes that her fear is what gives Freddy his power, so she turns her back on him and he becomes powerless against her.
Nancy steps out the door as Freddy tries to jump at her but fades into nothingness. It's a bright sunny day, and her parents and friends are alive and happy. But it's only another nightmare...

A Nightmare Before Christmas

The scene is Halloween Town where, not surprisingly, October 31 is the biggest night of the year. However, after arranging and carrying out his most devilish Halloween yet, Jack Skellington  is suffering the post- holiday blues. He craves something different in his life, something that can't be found in Halloween Town. Wandering out in a forest, he discovers gateways to different holidays, and finds his way to Christmas Town. There, he is captivated by the lights, the festivity, and the joy. He returns home to tell everyone that this year, Halloween Town is going to celebrate Christmas. To make things complete, he, Jack Skellington, will replace "Sandy Claws" on his yearly December 31 ride, delivering presents and spreading good cheer. Everyone is enthused by the idea except Sally , who has a premonition of doom if Jack goes through with his plans.

These are just a few of the movies I love. There are many others i like, such as, From Dusk Till Dawn, Bram Stokers Dracula, Ghostbusters, Scream, Jaws, just to name a few.